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Types Of Fire Alarm Systems, Installation Processes

Fire Alarm

Fire system installation is a crucial part of the safety measures put in place for businesses, companies, factories and warehouses, and even residential buildings. Fire alarm systems should be your first line of defense in the event of an accidental fire outbreak, it alerts occupants of a building of potential danger and enables them to take prompt actions toward curtailing the fire. This article has covered the types of fire alarm system installation process for you.

Every commercial building must have a fire alarm system to safeguard lives and properties. Fire system installation serves more purposes beyond alerting you of fire accidents and occupants must know what fire alarm systems are and how they function.

Functions of Fire Alarm System

  1. Detection of fire: This is the primary purpose of a fire alarm system and it helps protect lives and properties. Fire alarm systems detect fire threats, whether smoke or excess heat and communicate the same to other sensors of the fire system.
  2. Alert occupants: Once a fire threat is detected in a building, the alert system is activated and this warns the building occupants of impending danger and the need to evacuate. Depending on the type of fire system installed in a building, a loud and wailing sound comes from the system and becomes louder with the intensity of the fire threat. It becomes impossible for occupants to ignore fire alarms when they are triggered.
  3. Manage fire risks: This is another important purpose of installing a fire system in a commercial or private facility. Certain sensors in the system are triggered to contain the spread of the fire pending when fire authorities come in.
  4. Alert fire authorities: While fire systems help mitigate the risk of fire spreading, it also alerts the fire responders of an emergency. This will enable them to put out the fire as quickly as they can.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

There are two broad types of fire alarms; they are automatic and manual fire alarm systems. They perform different functions and are suitable for varying facilities. The major difference between these two types of fire alarm systems is that the automatic detects fire threats and sends signals or triggers fire alarms automatically, while the manual systems require an occupant who has detected a fire threat to pull the lever and alert other occupants.

Other types of fire alarm systems are analog, conventional fire alarms, addressable fire alarms, and hybrid fire alarms. These types of fire alarm systems also have different installation processes which are best handled by experts. If you are in Chicago, you can consult experts at Forbel custom security solutions for professional advice and service.

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